It’s time to create different learning experiences

Everyone like a challenge. They motivate us, help us improve and test our knowledge and skills. Why not move this mechanism to learning?


It’s time to change the rules

A new way of learning

Xallenge changes the rules. By creating a learning competition, students feel that they are playing. It is a fun and social process, where they can challenge the platform and their peers. However, to win the competition they must master the subject and that is what we call Transparent Learning.

Student learn without realizing it by pursuing their goal of winning the competition. This type of methodology is up to 40% more effective than a traditional online course on the same subject.

Xallenge poses a learning challenge adapted to the digital age. Everything is designed to be used from the phone and not to consume more than a few minutes of the users' time. The user takes control and can continue playing/learning whenever they want.

Against the platform and against peers

A Xallenge is a form of social learning. You will create a competition where your students will be able to challenge the platform but they will also be able to challenge their peers.

You can create lists of favorite peers, see the comparison between rivals and compete as a team. Everything to improve involvement with the learning process.

Learn to win

The core of the experience is the game. But in this game, to win you have to know your stuff. You can offer access to content related to each of the challenges in minutes. You can create your own content, use content from open sources (TED, YouTube, etc.) or upload SCORM content.

Your users will learn almost without realizing it, as a reflex action, accessing the content to recover lives and improve their progression in the game.


A transversal solution that can be adapted to all educational levels

Primary, Secondary and University

Use Xallenge to motivate your class. Create a learning challenge as an experience that complements your class activity (both in-person and online) and motivates your students to follow the subject through competition.

As a teacher, you are in control of the challenges and the content. You will be able to select the themes, the level of difficulty, the contents associated with each challenge and the moment in which challenges of a certain theme are released.

In-house training

Are you tired of your team not following corporate training? Do you not know what to do to improve the completion of the training content that you have to impart by regulation? The answer is Xallenge.

Create learning competitions and motivate your teams to show who knows more about the subject. You will be able to offer rewards to the most committed collaborators and encourage competition as mechanisms for monitoring your training.

Conferences and events

Do you want to differentiate your conference or event? Do you give talks/lectures? Complement the experience of your attendees with a learning competition using Xallenge.

Create a learning competition associated with your event and make the grand finale live thanks to our "event mode". You will be able to encourage the participation of the attendees in a fun and different way, while generating a differential element for your event.


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